Electric Heating Specialists

R&L Electrical Services in Blackpool specialise in electric heating installations, we have the technical knowledge and expertise to provide customers with bespoke electric heating installations. With the rising cost of Gas, Off Peak Electric Heating systems are once again becoming popular. R&L Electrical Services in Blackpool install all types of electric heaters including all necessary cable circuits. All electrical installations are fully tested, certified and registered for Part P where required.

R&L Electrical Services also offer a repair service for older electrical appliances. We offer a free evaluation to faulty electrical appliances and where practical, carry out such repairs at low cost.

Removal of Old Storage Heaters

R&L Electrical Services in Blackpool offer a full piece of mind installation, including the safe Removal of all old Heaters. It is very likely that very old Storage Heaters contain ASBESTOS and should therefore be Removed carefully. We have access to a database, listing all Storage Heaters containing ASBESTOS and as such can advise accordingly (free of charge). Such Storage Heaters need carefull handeling and should only be Removed by a specialist asbestos removal company. We can arrange the removal of such heaters and advise on the cost prior to any replacements. We can Remove all old Heaters that are ASBESTOS FREE, complying with the new Regulation WEEE.

Is Electric Heating Expensive?

People often ask “is electric heating expensive?”, the simple answer is, whatever Electric Heating system you choose to install, the initial installation costs can be much cheaper and less intrusive to decor, than conventional gas central heating.

With R&L Electrical Services we can provide any electric heating system you choose at affordable rates. Also with the flexibility Electric Heating Systems allow, you can add more appliances to suit your future needs.

Most electric heating systems are now just as controllable to gas central heating. With the cost of gas being the main reason for customers opting for this system in the past, times are changing.

Here at R&L Electrical Services we can advise on what electric heating system would best complement your home.

Our Electric Heating
Installations include:

  • Full Electric Heating Installations Services
  • Replacement of Old/Faulty Electric Heating Appliances
  • Economy 7 Storage Heaters
  • Bathroom Down Flow Heaters
  • Bathroom Towel Tails
  • Tubular Heaters
  • Convector (Panel) Heaters



Electric Heating Repairs Blackpool

R&L Electrical Services in Blackpool can also investigate any faults in your existing electrical heating installation. We will then advise you of the problem and the best solution to get your home warm again as soon as possible. In doing so we will either fully repair your existing electrical heating installation, or install your chosen replacements at affordable prices.