With rising electricity costs and lower prices now for LED lamps means that for homes using halogen lighting it makes perfect sense to change to the new generation of energy efficient lighting

The initial costs for the LED lamps can be quite high, however  the payback for LEDs now comes in 15 months or less – and for homeowners changing dozens of halogen bulbs, the savings can be in the hundreds of pounds every year afterwards. Also you will not have the hassle of continuously replacing burnt-out halogen lamps.

I have calculated that using 40 LED bulbs in a new-build home for an average of 2.7 hours a day – the Energy Saving Trust’s typical use figure for a bulb in a kitchen or living room – running costs would be £23 annually compared to £287 for sticking with halogens. From these figures you can see the potential for huge savings in years to come.

At R&L Electrical we are encouraging our customers now to change to LED lighting , these lamps can use up to 90% less energy and the light output is considerably better