R&L Electrical Services in Blackpool are experts in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of all Security Systems. We have the expertise to install Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Door Entry Systems and Emergency Lighting. Offering our Security Services to both domestic and commercial premises.

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to ensure that the Security System we provide is tailored perferectly to your requirements. We also guarantee all security installations and in the unlikely event of a fault devoloping, you can rely on us to rectify any problems as a matter of urgency.


Burglar Alarms Installation Blackpool

R&L Electrical Services in Blackpool generally offer 2 types of Burglar Alarm Systems, however, we cater for all budgets. Below is a full description and guide to cost’s of the most popular Burglar Alarm Systems we install:

Burglar Alarm System 1, from £485  fitted

Bells Only Alarm, easy to use and reliable. Accommodates up to 8 different zones. LCD keypad will be installed near your main entry and exit door. 3 x PIR’s are supplied (additional detectors are £49.99 at time of writing). 2 Grade II door contacts are installed. 7 amp battery backup installed in case of power cut, runs for at least 24hrs. Live bell box at front of property with sound and lights. Cables concealed to best possible standards.

Burglar Alarm System 2, from £635  fitted

For larger properties with the requirement for more than just a bell system. With all the options of Alarm system 1 above. Accommodates up to 8 zones. For £150.00 extra a phone dialer is installed adjacent to the control panel which allows communication by either calling or texting the home owner or designated telephone numbers,  if an intruder enters the property


Burglar Alarm Repairs and Servicing

Are you currently paying more than £40.00 for your burglar alarm servicing? If the answer is yes then read on, it WILL save you money.

We can call at a pre arranged time and service your existing burglar alarm for just £40.00. Checking all the circuits, batteries, sounders, etc, and issuing you with a receipt confirming that a service agreement is in place. Simply reduce the cost, not the cover!

Our £40.00 burglar alarm service offer covers the following burglar alarms:

  • A1 Omnicrom 7000
  • A1 Omnicrom 8000
  • A1 Advantage ZX6
  • Menvier TS400
  • Eurosec CP7
  • Eurosec CP8
  • Guardtec 300 Series
  • Texecom Veritas 8
  • Texecom Veritas 8c
  • Texecom Veritas R8


All prices correct at time of writing, please contact us for up to date prices.